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Get to know Jamal

Growing up in the rough city of Tacoma, WA, Jamal has played sports his entire life, helping him circumvent a negative environment. Jamal capitalized on his athletic ability, earning a football scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy. There he received his bachelor's degree in management from the Air Force Academy in 2015. Upon graduation, Jamal served five years in the Air Force as an acquisitions officer before being medically retired. He then began his next career as a defense contractor supporting the Space Force, where he currently works as an acquisition analyst.

After graduating from the Academy, Jamal desired to share his collegiate experience with the world because of its uniqueness. This desire led Jamal to begin composing his work. Originally designed to be a memoir, Jamal's book evolved into an autobiography as necessary background information expanded to include the rest of his life.

Jamal is a prodigious family man. After God, he cherishes his loved ones before everything else. He is currently married to his beautiful wife, Shaianne, with a 2-year-old son (Malachi) and a 10-year-old stepson (Derek). Jamal still loves sports and is an avid Detroit Lions and Air Force fan. He also enjoys playing Call of Duty in his spare time and working on his cars. Jamal owns a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro I-Roc Z28 and a 2021 Chevrolet C8 Corvette. He appreciates eschatology as well, as Biblical prophecy unfolds before our eyes.

Outside of his family and hobbies, Jamal provides football training to young athletes, owns a Christian clothing business, and is a real estate investor. In the summer of 2022, Jamal earned a certificate in Real Estate Investing from UCLA Extension. He plans on taking his real estate sales exam soon to become a salesperson which will aid his real estate investing goal. Thus, he is striving to build capital to acquire more rental properties and increase his portfolio. Lastly, he is aiming to become financially stable enough to embark on his high school football coaching career. Jamal and his family currently reside in Texas.

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