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An Autobiography


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Jamal Byrd Battle Tested Autobiography Book Mockup
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Battles not only occur in warzones, they also materialize in life as individuals face strong opposing forces. Jamal Byrd uses this illustration to depict his intricate story. Come take a walk in Jamal’s shoes as he leads you through his unbelievable journey. Jamal has unveiled his life through this decidedly honest and passionate, yet invigorating novel. From life-threatening injuries and heartbreak, to triumph and achievements. His roller coaster campaign is constantly oscillating as you witness his captivating ride. Jamal’s pursuit of God was continuously tested by his decisions and life’s trails. All the while, his faith in God flourished as he grew closer to the Lord. In addition to character development, Jamal’s unique athletic experience is thoroughly engaging, providing you with a first-hand account of in-game action. Finally, an exclusive United States Air Force Academy encounter from an African-American football player furnishes a one-of-a-kind perspective and an inside look into one of our nation’s service academies. His perseverance and exposure to unprecedented circumstances offer enlightenment, along with the wealth of valuable research and knowledge he shares throughout the book.

Author Bio

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Growing up in the rough city of Tacoma, Jamal has played sports his entire life, helping him circumvent a negative environment. Jamal capitalized on his athletic ability, earning a football scholarship to the United States Air Force Academy. There he received his bachelor's degree in management from the Air Force Academy in 2015. Upon graduation, Jamal served five years in the Air Force as an acquisitions officer before being medically retired. He then began his next career as a defense contractor supporting the Space Force, where he currently works as an acquisition analyst.

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Darius Byrd

Defense Contractor

"A very well-written book that overviews personal life experiences, factually based data, valuable morals and values, and also Godly principles. Highly recommend reading and taking a view of the unique experiences of the author, Jamal Byrd"

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